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The roots of the air

The sky and the earth are opposites but their roots are in common: one cannot exist without the other.
Air has no residence: essential, rarefied, intense and profound, it enhances the dialogue between heaven and earth.

My four roots

Our very existence - our birth, growth and death - depends and derives from the interaction of these elements, made up of particles mixed in varying and sometimes disharmonious proportions.
Two forces allow the elements to interact: love, the force of attraction, and discord, the force of repulsion.
In my work, the four elements are the bricks of life.

“Linear Alchemies”

"Immense, virtually pristine deserts, frozen lands, and magnificent, awe-inspiring mountain ranges. My lens seeks out matter, decontextualizing the landscape, isolating details and breaking down images in the pursuit of beauty, simplicity, purity, essence."

Edizioni Dietro le Quinte, 2016

“Cruel Colors"

"Danakil: a paradise that calls to mind the creation, the genesis, pure beauty, the earth in movement moments before solidifying."

Edizioni Dietro le Quinte, 2015


"Great deserts, lagoons, places where water and earth interact and vie for space; such environments have become a new dimension in which creativity regains its raison d'être. Panoramas are no longer a mere matter of scenery, but veritable landscapes of the soul, reflecting the feelings they arouse."

Edizioni Dietro le Quinte, 2014

"Ethiopian Blood"

“It is difficult to see things as they are.
Nothing is as it seems.
Our feelings, our thoughts give shape to the things we observe...
I am attracted by single details of the body.
I seek the invisible with the visible.
Vision is fluidity...
The lifeblood of any population is its history,
its course of life.”

Edizioni Dietro le Quinte, 2013

"India: fragments of identity"

"Rossella Pezzino De Geronimo uses details to recreate a journey of the soul and into the soul of those she meets. The rational planning of life experiences gives way to the ability to let feelings rise to the surface, moving in harmony with those one meets and establishing an intimate dialogue with their inner selves." Stefano Papetti

Edizioni Skira, 2012

"Donne di Birmania"

"coming soon"

Silvana Editoriale, 2010

"Giappone: volti dettagli e geometrie"

"coming soon"

Edizioni Dietro le Quinte, 2009